Traya Health

Scientific solutions to stubborn problems

Traya is the most popular brand that sells hair care products. Traya was innovated a
few years ago, and now it is a popular brand for hair care products. 

Once a customer reaches out to Traya and explains their hair problem, the certified
doctor team of Traya will reach out to that customer and
suggest the best product that suits and resolve the hair problem from Traya.

The Challanges

The client needs to revamp their site for better UI/UX and increase the conversion rate, as suggested by the marketing team. So they reached out to us and decided on the work we had done.

They also want to implement a new module for their customers so they can fill out the form and get a result, and based on that, customers can see products and directly buy them.

Our expert solution

We analyze and revamp the site as per our commitment. Also, we removed unwanted apps and related code for increase page speed so it can improve SEO.

We also build a new module as per the client's requirements with the Laravel platform and implement it with Shopify so all the customers can fill out the form according to their habits with a few simple questions and get their results with recommended products.  

We also provided support like customization, bug fixing, setting offers and deals, etc. for 8 months after work was done as per our commitment.